12 Modeling Domain, Blogs, Social web sites For Sale create an income

FOR SALE we are selling all 3 modeling magazines as a bulk buy out

The domain names are set up also on Myspace, Google Blogs .

This totals to 12 Modeling web sites and blogs for you to market and Book Models or sell ad space

All three were started in 2007 and about 150K invested and time and hosting etc.

These can have Adsense adwords, Travel, Registration for models, Photography shoots

or even porn or adult dating sites added or modified.

This is IDEAL for any Model who wants to manage and promote and book Models or

For a print magazine or Agency, or marketing various products

We are giving all this hard work, web site construction and time and money away for a


http://hotmodelpost.com/ MYSPACE

http://hotmodelpimp.com/ SOCIAL http://www.myspace.com/hotmodelpimp

http://icehotmodels.com/ WEB SITES http://www.myspace.com/icehotmodels





GOOGLE BLOGS go with Sale





ASK all the questions get all the answers before purchasing, SALE IS FINAL , NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS

If you own or book or even own a Bikini Show-Fashion Show anywhere in the US and Canada then this blog can maximize your personal web site.

Mobile is tops; a plus when it comes to marketing and all the available APP that can be attached to blogs make them self replicating which brings tons of traffic to your main web site. Advertising Fashion Designers Bikini's or other Fashion Wear is most important to ad to these blogs. Sponsors pay also when a show comes about.

Other Affiliations can bring on more money with Adsense, Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank , Travel, Dating etc.

Tags are extremely important for search engine inclusion. When correctly marketed this two blog will produce a substantial income.

Bank Officer to Bank Officer Transfer or:
We will transfer domain name ownership to the buyer and blogs administration once Pay Pal releases our funds to our Bank Acount which takes 21 days. All transfers will be done after transaction is final. NO RETURNS, SALE FINAL  info@hmpmagazine.com   PayPal Acc.

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